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Simultaneous Exploration of Mapping and Routing on Hard Real-Time Embedded Networks-On-Chip

Networks-On-Chip (NoC) is seen as a new network paradigm for addressing the limitation of the current bus-based communication in multi-core embedded systems. Some of these systems are designed for executing hard real-time services in flight and automotive controls. The main requirement of such systems dictates that not only the output must be correct, but also it must be delivered within strict deadline.

Since NoC is capable of implementing different mapping and routing schemes, the impact on to the predictability of the systems cannot be ignored. The fundamental research underlying this research is how to perform mapping and routing simultaneously in a way that meets the hard real-time requirements. This question gives rise to problems in modelling and verification of the real-time NoC. This project addresses these problems and the related systems questions.

Status Current
Lead Norazizi Sayuti
Members Farida Hazwani, Zul Hilmi
Funded By USIM
Start Date 1/5/2016
End Date 1/5/2018

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