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A New Model for Content Understanding and Knowledge Dissemination of the Quran using Intelligent Data Model

Ulum Quran involves recitation, history and understanding of the Quran. One of the important components in understanding the Quran is to obtain the knowledge of the interpretations (tafser). However, level of understanding varies from one group to another such as starting from novice to highly expert groups. Understanding Quran are closely related to the dissemination of the knowledge from the Quran. Increasing number of Muslim population in the next coming years will demand for larger number of educators with Quranic expertise in explaining the content of the Quran. In order to overcome this situation, an effective intelligent data model that combines different set of knowledge for different group of people is required.

This data model will be able to help the understanding on the meaning of the Quran and will be able to disseminate the content in an effective, efficient, faster and attractive way. Knowledge of the Quran can be grasped easily for a variety of groups. The model is not limited to Muslims community but will be useful for Non-Muslims as well. History shows that understanding the meaning of Quran can results in the development of new theories, technologies and ideas. The fundamental concepts of the intelligent data model will open a wide area of research in Quran. This research will serve mankind to the exposure of the content of Quran.

Status Current
Lead Rosalina Abd Salam
Members Zurinahni Bt Zainol, Norazizi Sayuti, Zulkifly Mohd Zaki, Muhammad Widus Sempo, Wan Nur Rahini Aznie, Akhiruddin, Farida Hazwani Mohd Ridzuan, Hishomudin Ahmad, Hazleena Baharun Lubna Abd Rahman, Robiatul Adawiyah Mohd, Mohamed Akhiruddin Ibrahim, Malki Ahmad Nasir, Munjid Mustafa Bahjat, Sulhah Ramli, Mohd Faizal Kasmani, Sofia Hayati Yusoff, Rozita Abdullah, Norzulaili Mohd Ghazali, Nurul Asiah Fasehah Muhamad, Noornajihan Jaafar, Noor Azma Mohamad Khassim, Noorhayati Hashim
Funded By MOHE (TRGS)
Start Date 4/1/2016
End Date 4/1/2019

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