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Design of an Improved Secure Key Management Protocol in Multicast Communication

With the emerging of Internet, multicast communication adapts very well in large scale of distributed application. Most of multicast group usually dynamic and large in number of users. Users belong to a group will get information based on the key that they receive. Due to this limitation, key management for multicast remains a hot issue in securing communication today. Existing scheme for securing multicast communication is limited to static and small group. It also lack of security in key management. Thus, this research intents to enhance the protocol for re-keying process in a large and dynamic with strong level security in key management of multicast group. Expected outcomes from this research are an improvement of key management protocol in multicast communication that is able to handle a large number of users with secure membership.

Status Finished
Lead Kamaruzzaman Seman
Members Norazizi Sayuti, Norita Mohd Nawawi, Nur Alyani Jusoh
Funded By USIM
Start Date 07/02/2011
End Date 18/12/2015

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