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Segmentation Of Malaria Parasites on Stained Blood Films

Malaria is a severe transferable sickness caused by blood parasite called Plasmodium. This illness is spread out by the infected female Anopheles mosquitoes. Automatic detection of Malaria parasites using computational tools can increase the speed of diagnosing Malaria disease. Images of the infected blood samples can be used for detecting the parasites. Research in blood cells recognition has been done in different type of diseases. However, blood cell recognition systems for malaria parasites are quite limited. The main objective of this research is to develop a software tool that will automatically detect Malaria parasites on stained blood films. This will be done by investigating the existing image segmentation algorithms and proposing a hybrid segmentation algorithm using a prior knowledge of the red blood cell images.

Status Finished
Lead Rosalina Abdul Salam
Members Norazizi Sayuti, R Shamilah R. Hisham, Tuan Zalizam Tuan Muda, Norita Mohd Nawawi
Funded By USIM
Start Date 03/10/2011
End Date 03/07/2015

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