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Security-Hardened Design Space Exploration for Hard Real-Time Embedded NoC in Cyber-Physical Systems

Hard real-time services in Cyber-physical systems such as in flight controls or safety-critical systems dictate that not only the the output must be correct, but also it must be delivered within strict deadlines, otherwise loss of human life may result. One of the technologies that supports the cyber-physical systems is the Networks-on-Chip (NoC). However, external communication with outside world, which is common in such systems, increases the potential of malicious attacks to the NoC. Delay of one task in the systems due to the attacks is enough to cause unpredictable system’s behaviour. The current state-of-the-art have focused on the predictability but rarely taken into account the security issues at the same time. This project addresses the problem for the NoC platform that supports the cyber-physical systems.

Status Current
Lead Juliza Jamaludin
Members Norazizi Sayuti
Funded By USIM
Start Date 1/1/2018
End Date 1/1/2020

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